A Complete Backup Solution for VMware

Now supporting vSphere 6, Acronis Backup for VMware provides the ultimate backup solution for anyone with a VMWare vSphere server virtualization setup. Fast, efficient and a truly universal solution, users will now be able to restore their virtual machines up to 100 times faster, regardless of their level of expertise. This powerful utility allows you to capture the entire virtual system, including the hypervisor, thanks to the patented disk imaging tool provided. You'll be able to recover your virtual machine faster than ever before and restore files, application data and everything else stored on your virtual hard drive. The software also allows you to have unlimited migrations from any source, including from different hypervisors. It eliminates the complexity of protecting your virtual computing environment by being exceptional easy to use, even for those who aren't IT experts. Universal Restore Acronis Backup for VMware provides the new Universal Restore technology which greatly speeds up and simplifies the process of restoring your system to any machine available in just a matter of minutes, regardless of what sort of platform it is using. With just a few straightforward clicks, you'll be able to restore an entire virtual machine and have it up and running in minutes without having to worry about any compatibility issues. This allows you to migrate systems between both physical and virtual platforms instead of having to spend time and money trying to find identical equipment. It also allows you to avoid spending time on reinstalling operating systems, programs, drivers and other content, and you'll even be able to reconnect to your network without having to reconfigure any servers. Ease of Use Being a truly universal and versatile solution, a subscription to Acronis Backup for VMware presents a wide range of benefits. The intuitive interface is entirely Web-based, allowing you to quickly carry out any backup and recovery tasks from any device that is connected to the Internet, including desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. Quick and efficient backups are made possible thanks to deep integration with the vStorage APIs, and by using CBT, backup data will also be compressed to help ensure that they are carried out as quickly as possible. Recovery is also extremely fast, being up to one-hundred times faster than traditional data recovery methods from a system image file. Extensive Applications Support Powerful backup technology tracks and captures all data related to your virtual machine's application data, including data created by SharePoint, SQL, Active Directory and Exchange. Additionally, Universal Restore technology makes it possible to migrate entire servers between virtual and physical systems without having to get bogged down in the usual complex operations that would otherwise be involved. Other innovative features include support for incremental and differential backups and easy deployment on machines running Windows or as a self-contained virtual appliance in your virtual machine itself. Acronis Backup for VMware is the ultimate backup and recovery software for VMWare, saving you both time and money thanks to its advanced yet user-friendly set of features and excellent universal support.